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Prior experience with exporting—particularly experience with exporting to the West. By working with us, you have some assurance that the our company understands the supply-chain and logistics issues associated with supplying a foreign purchaser and, more important, that we have some experience in meeting the demands of a Western customers.


  • 2015 – Global sourcing, cost reduction, order process control, vendor coordination
  • 2014 – Strategic purchasing & procurement management, multi-source of manufacture, price negotiation, project follow up, project monitoring&solution, finance process
  • 2013 – Warehousing & storage management, Warehousing & freight consolidation, leading, project management
  • 2012 – Supply chain management, quality control, factory audit, CAD creation, AI design
  • 2011 – Process improvement, sourcing, order follow up
  • 2010 – Change management, negotiation, purchasing
  • 2009 – Logistics, logistic coordination(door to door service), listening&oral english
  • 2000-2009 – Computer, written english, Microsoft office, word, photoshop
cropped-omii_logo.pngJacky, Product Supervisor
I always eat KFC not because I like it. If I am not in office, I might be in factory or business trip to other city. I service as Project Supervisor in OmiiTek. Fluent in Mandarin and learning english as well. Experienced with moulding design, production process management which I research and study from Japanese Factory Management. Before joining OmiiTek, I worked as product sourcing and planing manager in a pcb and raw material supply company. Now I am responsible for overseeing project team staff related to vendor coordination, product sourcing and order follow up.
cropped-omii_logo.pngCici, Account Manager
I like the smell of coffee and drink. Coffee make my mind clearly when customer QUESTION on me. I need deeply think what my customer really need then could be a better account manager. Fluent in English, Mandarin. I have studied about international relations and foreign trade in university. Almost 4 years in the logistics business focusing on sales with service of air cargo, ocean freight, UPS and Expeditors (door to door service) and support small and medium company to develop their business in China. I am specializing in North America Market.
cropped-omii_logo.pngJimmy, Warehousing Manager
I like Pepsi, you know what’s the difference between Coke and Pepsi? Pepsi is much sweeter than coke. Also, Pepsi has a bit of a chemical after taste because it has more sweeteners in it. In addition, Coke has more of a sharp cola flavor while Pepsi is a bit more fluid and fruity. Another issue maybe you don’t know is that Coke changes flavor with time becoming watery and bitter. Pepsi strengthens.after 6 hours later. My job is to keep every job in warehouse and warehousing storage in right place to avoid any stupid mistake. Our pursuit is to perfect the details including barcoding, labeling, packing, inventory, warehouse temperature e.t.c.
Cici Wong
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