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Sourcing refers to a number of procurement practices, aimed at finding, evaluating and engaging suppliers of goods and services.

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OMIITEK sourcing service has a very specialized focus on Product Sourcing and all-in-one Service Supply Chain Management. Choosing to take advantage of our products and services will save your time and man-power, our commitment is to help clients that wish to outsource some or all of their import and export management.

Sourcing your products from China, many details you should concern about

Sourcing from OMIITEK Sourcing from China Manufacturer
Quotation Marketing research experience. Suggestion on products aftermarket, package, popular design Need told about what you need (image, design, package, material selection)
Sampling Sample request free.Look onsite when sample size is big and heavy Sample fee refund after mass production. And no way to look quality of heavy and bulky sample
Factory audit Before working with new supplier, our project supervisor personally visiting them Your schedule and budget on food, accommodation, local transportation
Product Category Targeted sourcing on multiple products Single product
Supplier Information Management • Accelerate and reduce the costs of supplier on-boarding and certification• Increase the efficiency of the supplier information management organization• Improve the ability to analyze supplier risk• Splitting your orders when necessary •  Prior to cooperate with suppliers on good relationship•  Reduce cost of raw material with low quality standard to fight competition•  Family-owned business model in China, hard to do supplier and project management•  No knowledge about to outsource production capacity
Warranty Well-drawn contract with warranty assurances •  No writing, no warranty•  Even writing, no warranty
OEM or ODM Strategic skills on marketing researching & customer preference understanding No marketing regulation understanding
Intellectual Property Well-drawn contract with both parties to protect your IP Sell products to your competitors with another name
Lead time Our project supervisor inspect whole process and report onsite Only tell truth when necessary
Order size Value every $1 order Only focus on big volumes
Outside support relationship capacity, capability, core competence, size, design capability No knowledgeable about outside support. Limited capability
Payment Mechanisms Flexible payment mechanisms working for every customer Fixed payment system
Inspection service • Our project supervisor inspect whole process and report onsite• 3rd party inspection service Inspector paid by black money and report untruth
Quality You get what you pay for Receiving on lower quality
Warehousing •  15days free storage to keep inventory and bundle all your orders in China•  Drop ship to your customers •  Rush delivery replaced to other customer•  No
Logistics Consolidation Door to door FOB, CIR, CFR


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OMIITEK are here help to save your time, save your money, and be free yourself.

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Omiitek solid networking with manufactures and valued services help you ensure a safe, fast and reliable global sourcing experience.

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Pay no monthly or annual fee, and pay only after order offered.
It can be difficult to interest suppliers especially manufactures in small order sizes (10,000 USD and below per year), our all-inclusive services work on non-minimum order sizes. Get a Free Sample before trial order.
It’s better to have samples to look in front of desk, recommend 5-10pcs when size and cost permit. Or HD photos as reference for sourcing or researching to open mold and production.
Telegraphic Transfer, Western Union, Paypal and Letters of Credit. More details you can call (link to Skype).
Sure, we are very honored to be trusted and cooperate with your prior vendors. Any comments and job we can do, contact us freely.
No, Omiitek is your people in China. All your concerned questions you can email us, we will reply to you in the shortest delay. Our commitment is to perfect details before asked.
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