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“If you think importing from China is easy, you’re likely to get burned. If you think it’s rocket science, you’re unlikely to ever get off the ground.

The reality is in between—importing from China is complicated. But in an increasingly connected world, businesses of all sizes have found that China based manufacturing is an important, if not critical, part of their supply chain strategy. That importance also creates risk, which must be managed.

Dealing with a supplier from your own country is relatively easy. You operate under one legal system, speak the same language, use the same currency, have the same cultural norms, and are often in the same time zone. When working with China suppliers, none of these are true.” by Peter Zapf Deputy COO, Global Sources.

Sourcing is a difficult job. To find the best products and suppliers, you perform complex analysis, process large volumes of data and work under high time pressure. Many things can go wrong..

Three worst nightmares for your sourcing experience.

Nightmare #1: Challenges to find a reliable supplier

With more and more huge competition, shift product purchasing in China sourcing fully or partly is needed. On internet, you can easily catch lot of vendor’s information. What to do next? Talking with them one by one about pricing, quality, payment and leading time? Big challenge is time pressure. Look for a supplier that has prior experience with exporting, understands supply chain and logistic ability. Some China manufactures hire young english-speakers fresh out of university who lack technical knowledge and experience. It is recommended that you get professional help with your search to overcome all those concerns. Another challenge is to find a sourcing that who is not just assisting foreign purchasers in locating a suitable manufacturer but also solve problem for buyers. Dark clouds pack together when you can’t communicate directly in English with the managers to solve technical and quality related issues..

Nightmare #2: Delivered low quality products in a high quality project

For a project, a customer requests high quality products. You need to source according well-defined specifications. In your search, you carefully execute all the necessary factory visits, quality controls, and sampling rounds, negotiating price then finally sign contract. As time and distance factors, you don’t personally inspect the goods you are purchasing during the manufacturing process and/or prior to shipment or you have not outsource any independent reliable companies in China who do inspection service. When you do the final quality control of the goods, you realize the quality is not what it should be. Dark clouds pack together when thinking of your customer and her important project..

Nightmare #3: Knowledgeable team leaving your company

You have been building your sourcing team for a couple of years now. Everybody is specialized in certain categories and built up good relationships with your suppliers. As a whole, your team knows all the good suppliers in the market. Since your specialists know everything by heart, customer requests are quickly followed up. Then your specialist leaves the company and deletes his complete inbox. Suddenly, all your knowledge about his categories is gone! Even worse, your specialist starts his own business taking away several customers. In a blink of an eye, you lose a great colleague, a specialization and lots of knowledge, plus actual business. Dark clouds pack together when you revise your strategy and financials..

While we hope you have never experienced these nightmares yourself, they probably sound familiar. In any case, you should make an effort to prevent this from ever happening to you.
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Omiitek was forming for all my foreigner friends we have ever meet to support them organized supply chain with qualified products and premium service (hey, we need make money for our life, ok?).
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Starting from handling Import& Export logistic business to purchasing and sourcing since 6 years ago, our team made mistakes while learned and improved from mistake step by step (I would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for all our customers and friends give the chance to make us become power now).Except basic work skills such as Marketing researching, manufacture researching&comparison, sample evaluation, price negotiation, vendor performance monitoring, payment processing & facilitation, factory auditing, quality assurance, quality training, product inspection & testing, logistic operation and coordination, warehousing & store and so on, we think the most important is good communication and negotiation skills or simply named EQ. Relation broken or bad, supply chain broken, then you need rebuild supply chain again and again. It will not only defeat your project, but also affect on your overall marketing & sales plan.

And we fully understand the importance of Price, Quality, Delivery, and Organization. Welcome any question you may have, we are committed to perfect the products and services.

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