Welcome to Omii Technology Company! We are premier LED lighting solutions supplier, specialist on linear lighting applications, offering lighting parts from quality aluminum led extrusions profiles, flexible strip lights with ETL,UL listed and high quality accessories, and serviing customers through North America, European and some of the Middle-East Countries. No matter where you are from, you are all our valuable customers and we do best to deliver brilliant quality and best deals for what you pay.

At Omii Technology Company, our mission is to be one of the leading alternative solutions for supplying a wide range of quality lighting fixtures. Our goal is to be the easiest comppany in the industry to do business by offering powerful solutions on supply chain and award winning friendly service. Dedicated to our customer when working, we listen carefully and undestand exactly what you need. Our team have more than 8 years experience on sourcing,moudling,design,packing,quality control, international logistic, warehousing e.t.c.. We are sure the tailored service could satisfy your needs.Our business lighting supply and electronics sourcing are toally built for you!

Why us
Personal assistant assigned to service.
Fast responsive to care each order.
High sense of duty to deliver right.
Free support to source and quote.
Constant updates bring new resources.
Unlimited pursuit to be better.
Help to save your money.
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Shanaey, LED Lights&Parts

I live in Vancouver and have been concerned about the energy crisis. I am a
professional workin' in the lighting and electronics business, have carried afor mor
e than 30years. But sure I also waste money at beginning of my business in China.
The very impressed thing is I purchased hundreds of power supply but found out the
voltage is made with bad material as required. Send all the garbage back, wish to get
refund, quite long waiting without result! Since working with the Omiitek Company,
everything become easy. The guys delivery me right items as requested. Pretty easy to
communicate, your products looks good, and your prices seem pretty reasonable.
Thanks for making great product and excellent service for following me!


I truly appreciate the support given to me by The Omiitek Company in taking care
of my sourcing and import needs especially as a startup business in all over the
Asia when I needed it most. I find that their friendly and personal touch which far
exceeds the routine business demeanor very satisfying and refreshing.

Their support is unique.I shall continue to use The Omiitek Company.Thank you.

Anthony, BasixEA

Hi Cici/Karen(and all others who helped us get these hot boxes delivered into
Tanzania, I just wanted to extend our appreciation for your dedicated attention
in getting all these boxes delivered! Very much appreciated! Their vast knowledge
and experience of all aspects of the importing process is what makes them truly
special.From proper paperwork, ISF forms, customs issues, freight rates, container
tracking, warehousing, etc...

They truly have become a vital partner in all of our importing needs.

Ahmet Kaya, Herigo Teknoloji

I have many business and projects from China. You guys take very good care
of me. Thanks for such long time free warehousing for all my good collections.
It free myself on tough schedule sometimes you know. Appreciate friend!
Cici is trusted, smart and easy understanding. Pursit of perfection is what I am
seeing, I am very happy their service.

My impression of Omiitek Company can be summarized in three major words:
Innovation, Agility and Quality.